The greatest Christmas Caper ever is coming on December 2nd, 2016. 


The goal is simple: perform a daring hostage rescue while avoiding hostile VERTIGO Leaders ("Treadstone Agents")  armed with Nerf Guns and bad attitudes. (Oh, and did we mention that this rescue will take you from one side of the city to the other, dodging agents and solving clues?)


We know. It's epic. Here's what you need to get in on it...


  1. Join a faction (sign up details below). Factions are groups that work together to win.
  2. Bring in your permission form (download it here or get it at a VERTIGO event).
  3. Pay your registration fee ($6)
  4. Show up on December 2nd NO LATER than 5:30pm.


The British Secret Service... better known as James Bond's home agency.


To join this faction you'll need a group of three (3) including yourself.  


If you join this faction, be sure to show up wearing classy (but intimidating) dress clothes... MI-6 agents are elegant, sophisticated and highly dangerous.


The Central Intelligence Agency has highly trained agents around the world, hidden in plain sight.


To join this faction, you'll need a group of three (3) including yourself.


If you join this faction be sure to show up in typical CIA attire... plain clothes, a pair of aviators, and an earpeace if you can swing it. CIA agents are ghosts.


Broadsword Defense Contracting is a private company that only hires the elite. They're highly skilled and highly motivated for the big paycheck that goes with a successful mission.


To join this faction you'll sign up SOLO (that's right, just you) and we'll connect you at random with another 2 mercenaries of our choosing. Why play as a mercenary? While the game will be harder, the prize if you win will be bigger.


If you join this faction be sure to show up gritty and ready-to-rock. Unshaven, rough-around-the-edges, with plenty of space in a backpack or cargo pants for gear, mercenaries are all-business all the time.

How do I sign up?


You can sign up here or on the VERTIGO App. We recommend using the VERTIGO app because it will give your team access to an early "intel report" before the event starts. You can download the VERTIGO App in your app store by searching for "VERTIGO MOVEMENT". 

Get the VERTIGO App for event perks and more!

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No Smartphone or Tablet? No problem. You can also sign up right here:

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