Do something that matters.

To be perfectly blunt, our people are amazing. From the moment you arrive until long after you've left, our teams go above and beyond anyone's expectations to create moments and environments that impact peoples lives.


If you're ready to get involved, this is the starting point. 


Serve Team

The innovative, tireless and committed team of partners that bring VERTIGO programming to life week after week. From Cafe to sound and lighting to stage design and setup, these people use their talents to make VERTIGO what it is.


Leadership formation begins on Day 1 for our high-school leadership team. Applications are due in August, the StudCo team is involved in every aspect of VERTIGO and meets monthly for planning, prayer, evaluation and more.

2018-2019 Application
Period has ended.


Our adult leadership team is responsible for leading students and programming. These are never "warm bodies", but passionate, dedicated and well-trained mentors, coaches and disciple-makers. 


Our pioneer team, VERTIGO Interns are young-adults who invest 10-hours per week into a combination of intensive personal development and significant ministry leadership. VERTIGO Interns dream, innovate and execute new initiatives.