Our online system is really easy to use! Follow these steps and you'll be through it in no-time!  Our new system "Managed Missions" will allow team members to track all their important information such as meeting dates, fundraising goals and documents. Applying online allows us to set you up in this new system. 


The digital application will take you through the following 5 steps. Read them through and follow the instructions.

STEP 1: Create an Account

Unless  you've gone on a missions trip with YoungLife or YWAM before, you probably don't have an account (if you have then good news - you're already in the system! Just log in!)


Click on the APPLY link to start the process. You'll first create your account - follow the instructions to setup your basic profile.

STEP TWO: Basic Info

This step is super boring, but SUPER important! Fill in all the fields (including your birthdate!) ... any missing information here could cause a delay in processing your application.

STEP THREE: Travel Details

Not everything on this part of the Application applies to our trips (some of it is just part of the system). Here are the things you can and can't skip...


Don't fill out...

  • Passport Info

DO fill out...

  • Emergency Contact
  • Health, Medication and Allergy info!

STEP FOUR: Application Questions

OK, this is the long part. 


If you've been on a missions trip before, you'll know we like to save time at our first few meetings by getting you to answer a lot of questions on the application (it saves us lots of work later! trust us!)


Make sure you've got a good 20-30 minutes available here! Need to take a break? No problem - at the VERY bottom (scroll down) you can save your application while you're working on it so that you can come back later and finish it up:

STEP FIVE: Submit your application.

Once you're done filling out the application, click on submit application.


It usually takes about 5-7 days for us to process an application. If everything on yours checks out, you'll get a conditional acceptance. Conditional acceptance means you have 7 days to submit some key things like:

  • Your Trip Deposit
  • Some signed forms from your parents
    (the legal stuff that we need to get)
  • A liability waiver

When you receive conditional acceptance your account (that thing you setup in Step 1) will give you access to download the forms you need and instructions on what to do with them. Your trip deposit can be paid in cash or cheque at the church, or paid online.

Be sure to designate your funds in the "MEMO" field of the online donation system to the correct missions trip! If you have questions please let us know!

Express Applications may be used by those who have completed a VERTIGO Leadership Application, StudCo Application or Missions Trip Application within in the past 3 years (November 2013 - Present).

Express Applications may be used by those who have completed a VERTIGO Leadership Application, StudCo Application or Missions Trip Application within in the past 3 years (November 2013 - Present).