In order to ensure your safety and the safety of others, we need to collect some basic information including, but not limited to, current contact information, birthdate, medical conditions and allergies. We understand the sensitive nature of this information, and every effort will be made to ensure its complete confidentiality.


Unless otherwise noted, information collected in our missions trip application will be accessible to the leadership of the missions team and the staff of our parent organization (Generations Church). Additionally, some of this information may be shared with travel partners (for example, BC Ferries), insurance agencies and / or the PAOC affliliated ministries for general administrative purposes and in order to ensure the safety and health of our team members.


If necessary, in the event that medical care is needed, this information may also be shared with parties whose assistance will be relevant to your care, including (but not limited to) Health Canada, The Ministry of Health for the Province of British Columbia, transportation contractors, and licensed / certified medical professionals such as nurses, paramedics, and doctors.


Under no circumstances will this information shared with a third-party without your consent, unless required by law.


By signing this form, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and give consent for the information you provide to be collected and used in accordance with this privacy policy.

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